IEEE Workshop on Smart Grid Communications: Design for Performance (SGComm 2012)

Electric power represents a fundamental aspect of modern life and severe disruptions (e.g. large scale blackouts) have a disproportionate negative impact on it. Main electricity grid operations have started changing at an increased pace, due to the integration of renewable sources of energy (wind, solar, geothermal). Due to the inherent variability in the supply of such sources, together with their distinct power characteristics, it has become imperative for the power grid to support not only two-way electricity flows, but also have demand-response mechanisms to allow users to adapt to real-time price signals. Hence, Smart Grid technologies that couple metering, monitoring, communications and control are of paramount importance for enabling these operations. Further, communication and information technologies are already utilized to meet the challenges for Green Communications.

The Smart Grid Communications Workshop will be a combination of original papers, quick hot topic presentations, distinguished invited speakers and a panel discussion with participants from industry, funding agencies and academia. This will allow workshop participants to obtain a global perspective of the scope of this area and of the technical challenges associated with it, in a participative and interactive manner.

Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE Globecom 2012 proceedings, and will be made available through IEEE digital library. Please visit the section on Paper submission for further details.

Sponsors of the Workshop
The Workshop has received endorsements from the IEEE Technical Committee on Communications Systems Integration and Modeling (CSIM), the IEEE Technical Committee on Transmission, Access and Optical Systems (TAOS), the IEEE Communication Society Committee on Smart Grid Communications (SGCC), and the newly founded Technical Committee on Green Communications (GCC).

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